​If you’re a creative person trying to get by doing non-creative things, there will always come a day when you realize that you need to just DO THE THING. Whatever THE THING is (besides an amazing movie), you just need to get it out there into the universe, or else you’ll always look back with regrets.

For us, it began as many creative ventures in SoCal do: at In-and-Out. We were grabbing a bite after a long day at the accounting office (?!) and we started talking about needing a creative outlet. For two former film students, shuffling numbers just wasn't doing it.

We’re inspired by many things – space travel, horror fiction, fantasy, music – and our art is, in its purest form, an attempt to express that feeling of inspiration. What we create is meant to appeal to the creative side of you, as meta as that sounds. Whether it’s an emotion, inspiration, or motivation to get out there and just do the thing!

For us, "the thing" was to kill time in the In-n-Out drive-thru by Frankensteining a new life form together out of a raw squid, live penguin, and a copy of the Necronomicon – all things that Kristina keeps in her trunk. 

And so, the Tentacle Penguin was created. She lives somewhere in the mists that drift between the icy blackness of the Vale of Pnath and the sun-kissed summers of Green Town, Illinois. If you’re interested, you can also find her lurking in the unfathomable void that is……tentaclepenguin.com

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"For it was only a penguin - albeit of a huge, unknown species larger than the greatest of the known king penguins, and monstrous in its combined albinism and virtual eyelessness."

– H.P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness.

​Thoughts on the Genesis of a Tentacle Penguin