About Kristina

Digital Artist/Scholar/Holmesian

I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, and graduated in 2012 with a degree in animation that looks very nice hanging on my wall. Since then, I've bounced from job to freelance job, keeping myself sane through my friendships, parental support, and a lot of caffeine. After six months working in accounting (again: ?!) with Leslie, we decided that it was time to Try Our Own Thing, and the rest is TPV history!

Important things about me: I love pizza more than I love most people, I’m a huge fan of medieval European history, I can often be found at Disneyland, and I spend way too much time on the Internet.


About Leslie

Mixed-Media Artist/Writer/Hopeless Romantic

I’ve always had an appreciation for “found” art. The idea of giving new life to something forgotten speaks to my nostalgic side. So when Kristina and I decided to  partner up to sell artwork together, my first thought was to create sculptural frames for her existing paintings that tie into her work. About a week later I was scouring garage sales for material and, well, you’ll see the results soon enough.

Though my “arts” degree from USC is in film production, after college my boyfriend Brandon Kihl (the sculptor, metal artist, character designer, production designer… the badassery goes on…) put me to work in his Skull Factory of Horrors (aka Kihl Studios), and I picked up a few tricks and techniques that have allowed me to, well, make real stuff! With Brandon’s support on the sculpting side, and inspired by the world Kristina weaves in her illustrations, I’m learning to channel my nostalgia into the mixed media pieces that you’ll soon see on this site. I’m very excited to show them to you.

I hope you enjoy what you see here. Click. Explore. Send us a message if you’re feeling friendly. Just be wary of the penguin. She has an unpredictable appetite…